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Who is this little boy who quads, cooks, and fights with kids and monkeys?

Source: Instagram

Young Hasbulla isn’t an ordinary boy, you will soon learn that he loves to do a lot of exciting activities, and he is very good at them! Meet the fresh star of Dagestan introduced to us by Instagram. We are sure you will love him as much as the rest of the world does.

Easy Rider

Source: Instagram

Who wouldn’t love this adorable face! He looks just like an elf, such a cutie! But when you see he doesn’t only ride toy bikes, you’ll be amazed! Meet Magomedov, better known as ‘Mini Khabib’, the talented and famous boy from Russia. This tiny little guy with a sweet face does things like an adult, especially riding bikes.

Quad it up

Source: Youtube

That’s right, ‘Khabib’ rides a real, adult-sized quad – a feat not many parents would allow their sweet child to do! The way he is sitting and holding the quad shows how comfortable he is with this hobby; he surely didn’t start today! But is it all we should know about him?

Read on what else he can do!

This Is Hands-Down The Best Way To Clean Your Hood Filters!

The extractor hood can be one of the trickiest things to clean in the kitchen.

You might wipe it down a few times a week, but this kitchen equipment can still accumulate a lot of grease and dirt just by using the stove daily. Even though most filters are removable, it is still a huge hassle to remove them and scrub them clean. Not to mention a blocked extractor hood will stop doing its job altogether, leaving you with a smelly kitchen!

If you’ve had this problem of cleaning your filters before, look no further for the best solution. We promise that there will be no scrubbing and no harsh detergents involved – click to the next page to find out more!

This 96-year-old Lady Is Selling Her House That Looks Unbelievable From The Inside!

It might not look like much from the outside, but your jaw will drop once you step through the front door!

The property was built seven decades ago, and it looks just like a regular house when you walk by it on the street. The owner decided to list the house for sale once she realized that it’s getting harder and harder for her to take care of it.

This house was clearly adored by its elderly owner. You won’t even believe how much effort she spent on keeping it spick and span, all throughout the years. The real estate agent was awestruck, once he had a look at the property in person! The furniture, the decorations, everything had a royal appearance to them, carefully selected to match the owner’s exquisite taste. The house is a hidden gem, with a plain exterior camouflaging a luxurious interior!

We bet you’re eager to see what it looks like from the inside – click the next page for an amazing house tour, illustrated with pictures!

This Is The Easiest Way To Clean A Shower Drain Without Liquid Drain Cleaner Fluid!

A shower drain is a place that’s easy to forget about but very hard to clean, once it gets dirty!

When you move into a new apartment, it’s a common problem to deal with a stained or blocked drain in the bathroom. This tip ensures that you won’t have to go through the trouble of buying expensive detergents or scrubbing endlessly if you encounter a shower drain that’s covered in stubborn dirt and limescale!

If you don’t keep up with cleaning in the bathroom, the drain becomes a source of all sorts of problems, such as becoming blocked or emanating a foul smell. Many issues can be countered with this simple cleaning method that we are sharing with you today. Scared of having to spend a fortune on plumbing services? Look no further! This will help you avoid unnecessary extra costs, you’ll save a lot of money on cleaning products as well. You will only need simple household items that you might already have in the pantry!

We bet you are eager to know what’s the secret – click to see more on the next page!

TOMOVE She Sticks a Rose Stalk into a Potato and Look What Happens a Week Later!

Flowers on the kitchen table make even the gloomiest of days a little better. Unfortunately, flowers tend to be quite expensive, especially when you think that you will be throwing them away after a couple of days have passed.

However, the trick that we will be showing you today, you can grow roses all by yourself!

People love flowers

Flowers tend to have that calming effect and also provide your house with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. The fact that they have an incredible scent, makes them even better. Maybe some of you didn’t know, but flowers are also great for your health. For example, and indoor hydrangea can help with sensitive skin, dry eyes, and headaches. Since we don’t always have the option of buying plants, growing them in a garden can be a pretty neat alternative. According to research, gardening is also quite beneficial for your mental health, so there you go, another reason to start gardening!

Green thumb

The best part about what we’re going to show you is that you don’t need to be a green thumb in order to maintain these flowers. Your garden will never remain without flowers anymore, and in fact, you will be able to have a garden filled with roses. The only things that you will require are; a potato, a plastic bottle, a rose, a pot, and potting soil.

I know that you’re probably weirded out when you read a potato and a rose, in the same sentence. However, despite being strange it does work. Move on to the next page to find out how it’s done!

TOMOVE You Will Be Surprised To Find How Much Space Lies Behind This Hobbit Door!

When you’re looking to buy an apartment or a house, you know that you have to give up something; that will mean giving up storage areas, a garage, or even an extra bedroom. However, this man managed to build something that is bizarre and at the same time fascinating. What used to be an old and small building, this architect used his talents into making something truly special.

You can build this house in your backyard quite easily, and with only brickwork and simple construction tools. Many people thought that it was actually a children’s playhouse. While this would be an incredibly beautiful and interesting idea for a project, this one has a different purpose. Let’s not forget to mention that this little cute hobbit house will increase the price of your house.

Do you want to know what is hiding behind this tiny door? Then continue reading on the next page!

TOMOVE While It Is Only 180ft2, This House Looks Amazing On The Inside!

Macy Miller, who’s an Idaho native, made the decision to swap her house for this tiny home. This decision was quite beneficial for her because the mortgage costs were lowered by a large margin, and she was able to increase her savings. She built this gorgeous house all by herself, and the entire neighborhood looks at the house with envy.

Macy had the bizarre idea of building a small house all by herself back in 2011. She didn’t hesitate much, and she decided to build it herself. She wanted to build a cozy home for her family and herself. She managed to finish her project and move in recently. As soon as she moved in, this miniature house turned into an internet sensation.

If you don’t want to pay a ton of money for your mortgage and save up as well, then this is the perfect house for you. If you’re curious to know how the house looks from the inside, check the next page!

TOMOVE This Woman’s House Smells Amazing, Find Out Her Secret!

There are houses that smell nice, and then there are those houses that from the moment you enter the door, you feel like you could live there forever because the scent is amazing. You end up wondering, how come it smells like heaven in here all the time?

One of the reasons for that can be that a spray or scented candles were used to make everything smell nice. However, sprays aren’t exactly the healthiest since they contain substances that are quite harmful to your lungs. In case you’re asking, what other options do you have? Well, you can simply turn to natural alternatives that you can make them! When I accidentally stumbled on this video and saw how this woman was able to create an air freshener, I wanted to know even more.

Click next to find out how you can make a chemical-free air freshener for your home that is cheap and easily made. Here you can find two versions.


TOMOVE Check Out What Kind Of House This Woman Made From Sea Containers!

This house looks incredible from the inside!

Claudie Dubreuil, who is a Canadian, has managed to build an incredible house from 4 sea containers that have cost only 12000 euros in total. The result is absolutely stunning. We sure would love to have a house like this, would you?

What she made from only four sea containers is mind-boggling!


Claudie makes a pretty comfortable living from building traditional wood townhouses and condos. However, she saw that they didn’t require much of a challenge because the budget sometimes was limited, and the designs had to be safe. So, when it was time for her to design and build her house, she didn’t want the safe option. Instead, she decided to do something very unique that would require her to be quite creative, for it to actually work.


It was decided to design a house that is based on metal containers. For that reason, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the easiest route. To be more exact, she faced a myriad of obstacles while doing it. For example, it was quite a challenge to find an engineer that could cut the containers and install windows and doors. Four different engineers rejected her before she was able to find an engineer who was just as creative as her. We’re all glad that he didn’t reject her because the result is just stunning! The house that she built turned out to be gorgeous and eco-friendly.

Check out the pictures of the project by going to the next page!

TOMOVE Check What This Woman Did With 43 Wooden Pallets

Most of us throw away the wooden pallets when we don’t need them anymore, or in some cases, we use them for a campfire; however, this woman had a better idea. She got her hands on 43 wooden pallets and then proceeded to create something astonishing! The project wasn’t easy, and it took some time, but the results were definitely worth it. The first thing that she did was to clean and sand them.

After finishing the process of cleaning and sanding, it was time to paint them. Her choice was natural white, and thanks to the automatic paint sprayer, she did it quite fast. She had to leave the pallets dry for an entire day before proceeding.

If you want to know what was the final result, then go on to the next page!