She Sticks a Rose Stalk into a Potato and Look What Happens a Week Later!

Here’s how to grow the roses:

Select the rose you want to grow into a bush, make a slanted cut 3 centimeters from the flowerhead – in the case that the flower still looks beautiful, just place it in a small glass. Remove the leaves from the stalk, and measure the width.

Drill a the potato – the hole should be the same width as the stalk. It should be snug, choose a smaller drill first, to be safe.

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Putting potting soil around 5 centimeters deep in the pot, and on top of it, place the potato. Fill up the pot with the remaining soil. Make sure that the plastic bottle’s bottom is cut off and placed carefully over the stalk.

Occasionally the rose must be watered near the edges of the pot, and then you can see the roses sprout and bloom.

Check the video for more results!

DISCLAIMER: The results may be different for each try, and there can be no absolute guarantee that it will give these exact results.

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